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Built for Small Businesses & Startups

Find Your Target Customers

Identify your ideal customer personas, target keywords they are searching for, and create content that builds trust with them.

Rank on the Front Page

Combine your personalized writing style with our AI Magic Assist tool to create great content, quickly, and rank on the front page of Google.

Optimize Your Content Strategy

Connect data from 3rd party tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Twitter Trending to optimize your strategy.

“Sage SEO made the process really simple and I was seeing results immediately. I started really looking forward to writing my blogs every week”

Jeannie Stith, CEO of Color Guru

Additional Testimonials from Our Customers

“SEO was intimidating and confusing for me. Sage SEO helped me grow my business from 0 monthly organic visitors to over 400 in just six months and book a huge tour contract worth over $12,000 from a single organic click. “

David Miller

Owner, Blaze Adventure Tours

“Getting started with content was our biggest hurdle. Sage SEO made it easy and gave us both the confidence and the data to show that it was worth the time, effort and financial investment.”

Jamie Promislo

Owner, Revel Ride

“Sage is amazing. They have helped us understand SEO in the context of our brand and how to harness it to our advantage. Since we’ve been working with them, we’ve seen steady, positive improvements to our site traffic, conversions, credibility, and more.”

Keller Anne Ruble

Founder & CEO, PS Post

Everything You Need to Execute a Winning SEO Strategy

Create with Sage Writer &

AI Magic Assist

Easy to use content writing software with keyword research & AI writing integrated directly into your SEO and content marketing workflows

Understand How Google Views Your Small Business

View your Google search impressions, track top keywords, analyze critical website analytics, and make better decisions about each new round of content

Optimize Your Content Strategy Using Data

See how many keywords you rank for on Google, track your performance over time, and move to the top of Google search results.

Easy Workflows to Create High-Ranking Content

Creating high-ranking content is all about reaching your target audience with quality content that solves their problems. Sage Writer provides built in AI Writing, keyword research, and direct publishing to CMS’s like WordPress.

AI Writing

Struggling with Writer’s Block? Use Sage’s AI Magic Assist to jumpstart your content writing process.

Best-in-class Keyword Research

Our software identifies top performing keywords that your business can rank for, and that drive free organic traffic.

SEO Metrics that Help You Make Better Content Decisions for Your Small business

As a small business owner, you’re probably frustrated with the blackbox of SEO. But with our powerful Google Search Console integration, you’ll know what search terms your website ranks for, how often you show up in search results, and what your average position is for those search results.

Learn How People Find You

Search impressions are the leading indicator for how your SEO efforts are performing. Use this data to understand how people find your business on Google.

Optimize for Google (E-E-A-T)

Experience, Expertise, Authority, Trust – Knowing how Google views your business provides you with critical information to create compelling and relevant content for your target customers..

Sage's Google Search Console Integration
Sage SEO - Tracking Keyword Rankings in Top 100 Google Search Results

Track Your Keyword Rankings

Don’t spend hundreds of dollars ($) on keyword research tools. Sage SEO shows you what keywords you rank for and how you’re trending.

Top 100 Keywords Chart

How many keywords do you rank for in the top 100 of Google Search results? Track your performance over time and see the impact of your efforts.

Ranked Keywords Data

Track the keywords you rank for, their average search volume, and your position in search results.