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Sage SEO makes it easy for startups and small businesses to improve

their search engine rankings. Our AI-powered tools take the guesswork out of SEO,

so you can focus on running your business.

Discover Keywords People Also Search For and

Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

Did you know that people who search for a particular keyword often also search for other similar keywords? This knowledge is critical to improving your website's SEO. By targeting related keywords, you can attract more visitors to your website and improve your search engine rankings.

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Sage AI Writer

Powerful SEO-focused Content Writer

AI Writing Engine directly integrated

AI Headline and Content Brief Generator

Track your Keywords Usage

Upload your own keywords (Ahrefs, SEMRush)

Sage SEO AI Magic assist Writing Tool
Sage SEO Features keyword report

Keyword Research

Unique to You

Our AI-powered keyword research finds easy-to-rank keywords with high conversion potential.

Discovers your most effective search terms

Personalized, relevant recommendations for your brand

Maps users search intent to revenue outcomes for your business

Measure Your Performance

Your SEO data, all in one place. More data makes it easy for you to focus on high performing content.

Understand how Google sees your website

Discover the keywords driving traffic to your website

Optimize your next round of content with data

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Say hello to the platform people rave about

Customer satisfaction is our top priority - read our reviews and see for yourself why.

David Miller, Owner of Blaze Adventure Tours

David Miller

Owner, Blaze Adventure Tours

SEO was intimidating and confusing for me. Sage SEO helped me grow my business from 0 monthly organic visitors to over 400 in just six months and book a huge tour contract worth over $12,000 from a single organic click.

Jamie from Revel Ride, Philadelphia

Jamie Promislo

Owner, Revel Ride

Getting started with content was our biggest hurdle. Sage SEO made it easy and gave us both the confidence and the data to show that it was worth the time, effort and financial investment.

Jessica Bledsoe, CEO Pavr

Jessica Bledsoe

CEO, Pavr

I’m blown away by the speed and quality of the AI Writer. I was spending 10+ hours a week writing content with little results. Now I’m creating quality content in a matter of minutes and seeing our organic traffic increase!

Maya Holihan, CEO EWedded

Maya Holihan

CEO, eWedded

There’s a ton of platforms out there, but I’ve found it easiest with Sage SEO to quickly write quality content with keywords that give my business results. Plus, I can direct publish to WordPress eliminating another step I used to do.

John Kimbrough Taylor, FirstLight Home Care

Kimbrough Taylor

ED of Marketing, FirstLight Home Care

What we like most about Sage SEO is that it’s more than an ai writing tool. The platform is backed up with keyword research unique to our business and our target audience.

Keller Anne Ruble, Founder and CEO, PS Post

Keller Anne Ruble

Founder & CEO, PS Post

Sage is amazing. They have helped us understand SEO in the context of our brand and how to harness it to our advantage. Since we’ve been working with them, we’ve seen steady, positive improvements to our site traffic, conversions, credibility, and more.

Sage AI Writer

Google Integrations

Keyword Research

WordPress Publishing

Analytics Tracking

keyword ranking report on the sage seo diy seo dashboard

All the SEO tools you need

Execute an increasingly efficient content marketing strategy, powered by data and AI.

Sage AI Writer

Generate headlines, outlines, paragraphs and even whole articles in seconds

Search Analytics

All your SEO data in one place with Google Analytics & Search Console integrations

Target Audiences

Create, save, and analyze your target audiences in the Sage SEO App

Keyword Research

AI-based keyword research targets search terms with high conversion potential

Keyword Rankings

Track your keyword rankings, how they trend over time, and watch your position climb

WordPress Publishing

Save precious time and direct publish blog posts to your WordPress site

“Sage SEO made the process really simple and I was seeing results immediately...We 3x our organic traffic in the time we've worked with them.”

Jeannie Stith

CEO, Color Guru

Pricing Plans

With the right SEO plan in place, your business will see significant results in visibility. Start driving more traffic with a 7-day free trial.



Sage AI Writer

AI Writing - 5,000 Words

Direct publish to WordPress

Monthly ranked keywords report

Weekly coaching email with our SEO experts

Bring your own keywords from Ahrefs or SEMRush

Google Analytics and Search Console Integrations

Typical results in 6-12 months

Starting your SEO journey is similar to getting going with your credit history. One article is enough to establish a presence with Google and get you on the path to free organic traffic.



Everything in Starter plus:

Auto update mode

AI Writing - 40,000 words

Four AI keyword research requests

Weekly ranked keywords report

Personalized AI company profile

Trending topic analysis

30-minute monthly coaching call with our SEO experts

Typical Results in 2-6 months

Our core plan provides everything you need to grow your organic traffic into the tens of 1,000s, even if you’re starting from zero. A single article a week will generate exponentially more impact than paid ads.



Everything in Research plus:

Four articles written by our expert content creators

Additional articles $200 each

Typical results in 2-6 months

Creative Plan pricing starts at $999/month. Need to generate more content? Let's set up a call to discuss. Our team of US-based content writers can carry the load of content creation and scale up to meet your SEO needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What makes Sage SEO better than other SEO tools like Ahrefs or SEMRush?

These tools are built primarily for SEO professionals and focus the bulk of their efforts on the aspect of keyword research. Additionally, they are operating in a “box” in the sense that they aren’t trained or tuned to your Google search performance or your website’s already existing content. Our tools are built and personalized by analyzing your existing website content, your Google performance metrics from Google Search Console and Google Analytics, and your upcoming content plans to optimize each new round of content you’ll produce. By repeating this process over and over, you generate more and more efficient data flywheels that bring higher amounts of engaged, organic visitors to your website.

How long does SEO take to work?

While SEO is not an instant traffic generator like paid search ads, it does work much quicker than marketing agencies would have you believe. A well-executed content strategy with sound SEO fundamentals (exactly what we help you do) can very easily generate measurable revenue increases within 3-6 months.

How many articles do I need to write a month to see those results?

We recommend publishing 1 article per week or 4 per month to see results like this. Even 1 article every other week can generate 2-3x the amount of organic traffic if you're starting with less than 1,000 monthly organic visits.

Are you just another AI writing tool like or

No. Sage SEO sets itself apart from these tools by providing fine-tuned versions of OpenAI that are trained on your website data. This creates an AI writing engine capable of speaking in your typical brand voice, and incorporating your marketing messaging more effectively in the content it generates. The number of AI writing tools on the scene has exploded over the last four months with OpenAI's ChatGPT release. Jasper was an early user of the technology but like so many of the other AI writing tools, it remains a generally trained tool with no personalization capabilities.

Are you just another AI keyword research tool like

Tools like rely solely on something called semantic keyword research. AI, when given a seed keyword phrase, is very good at finding semantic or related keywords to the seed term. But AI does not know about keyword metrics without connecting it to 3rd party SEO metrics. Our keyword research engine combines semantic keyword research with real-time keyword metrics like search volume, keyword difficulty, clicks per search (CPS), and cost per click (CPC) to find high quality, revenue generating, and most importantly, relevant keywords to your business.

Can small businesses really compete with large enterprise SEO and marketing teams for number 1 Google rankings?

ABSOLUTELY. The reasons are plentiful but mostly boil down to the fact large companies typically have multiple teams working on different aspects of SEO and content marketing. These teams use a combination of tools to write content, do keyword research, publish content, and measure how it performs. And none of these teams have all the data they need to work efficiently. A small business owner using a tool like ours can put all the data they need together in one place and run laps around many of these companies, simply because their processes are so inefficient.

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