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Google’s Search Console and SERP updates: What You Need to Know

Google has recently made two updates to its search console and search engine results page (SERP) that may have a significant impact on how website owners and search engine optimizers operate.

More Granular User Permissions in Search Console

The Need for Granular User Permissions

This new feature is especially helpful for larger organizations with multiple team members working on different aspects of a website. With more granular user permissions, a company’s marketing team, for example, can access data related to organic search traffic, while developers can focus on indexing issues and technical SEO. This update will also help website owners collaborate with external agencies, providing them with limited access to specific sections of their Search Console account.

Benefits of More Granular User Permissions

The new update provides several levels of permissions that website owners can assign to team members. The available permissions include Full, Restricted, and Unverified. The Full permission level provides complete access to all features in the Search Console account. The Restricted level provides access to the most common features, while the Unverified level provides only limited access to data.

New SERP Design

Google has rolled out a new design for the SERP that includes new site names, favicons, and sponsored labels. The new design makes it easier for users to identify the source of the search result they are clicking on and helps differentiate between organic and paid results.

Changes in Site Names

The new site names are more prominent and include the site’s brand name in bold text. This feature is especially helpful for websites with strong brand recognition, as users can now easily identify the source of the search result.

Prominence of Favicons

The favicons also appear more prominently on the SERP, making it easier for users to differentiate between different sites.

Changes in Sponsored Labels

The sponsored label is also more prominent, with a bold black font instead of the previous green font. This update makes it easier for users to identify sponsored results, reducing the chances of accidentally clicking on an ad when looking for organic search results.


In conclusion, these updates show that Google is continually working to improve its search engine and search console platform. The more granular user permissions will help website owners collaborate more effectively with their team members and external agencies while keeping sensitive information secure. The new SERP design will help users better differentiate between organic and paid search results, making it easier for them to find the information they need. These updates demonstrate Google’s commitment to providing users with the best possible search experience while improving website owners’ ability to manage their online presence.

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