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Google Search Console uses your sitemap.xml file to learn about your website content

What is a Sitemap.xml file and how does it improve my SEO rankings? (2021)

If you're embarking on a digital marketing strategy that includes content marketing and a blog to attract website visitors, you'll need to take a few…

Founders thinking through sales funnels and digital marketing strategy

3 Critical SEO Rules That Founders Can’t Ignore

More what you’d call guidelines than actual rules You’re a founder who wants to drive organic traffic to your website through optimization. But you need…

Mailshake Beginners’ Guide: Level Up Your Marketing

Cold email marketing campaigns are one of the most important aspects of your business. When it comes to finding new customers, cold emailing automation can…

How to Build an Eye-Catching Business Website with Wix

Wix is an amazing app for building an attention-grabbing website for your new business. We'll show you how with our new intro guide!

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