Conversion Rate Optimization – Don’t leave money on the table!

Conversion Rate Optimization – Don’t leave money on the table!

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If you’re not tracking your website traffic’s conversions, you’re missing a fundamental SEO step, costing you a lot of customers and money. 

In this short video, Sage SEO’s founder, Peter, talks about conversion rate optimization (CRO), what the components of CRO are, and how it fits into the grand SEO puzzle. 

Peter starts by breaking down the fundamental concepts of CRO. After watching, you’ll want to hop onto your website’s dashboard and start wading knee-deep in analytics. 

Curious? Read on! Don’t leave money on the table!

Conversions do not equal SEO. Search engine optimization is all about your tactics to drive as many eyeballs to your website as possible. 

You can think of SEO as opportunities; opportunities to sell your product, share valuable information, build trust with clients, and set up engagement to make sales later on.

Conversions are the next stage in securing sales after your SEO tactics bring users to your website. Conversion rate optimization is a continuous process built on measuring every website metric you can.

How many website visitors are you getting per day? Where are they coming from?

After you’ve identified where visitors are coming from, how many of them make desirable actions? Desirable actions are interesting, because, depending on what you specialize in, a potential lead’s desirable actions could be an email sign-up or a sale. 

You can think of the different stages a customer moves through as a journey. Once you understand your customers’ journeys, you can make better-informed decisions to hook them onto your business. 

Intrigued? Continue learning through the video; we left off at 3:05!