Optimizing Your Google Drive Experience – Tips to Make Drive Work for YOU!


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Google Geniuses

Google Drive is nearly as ubiquitous as Google itself. It’s become a constant part of our lives; we use it at work, at home, with friends, with family, almost everywhere. What’s more, Drive is incredibly user-friendly, and very intuitive to navigate even for first-time users. This guide will go over the very basics of using Drive, to give you a solid foundational understanding of the software that you can use to discover more advanced features in the future. This guide will give you the tools needed to maximize your comfort on Google Drive.

How to Organize Google Drive:

Google Drive is organized with folders, just like a file storage system on a computer. You can create new folders by clicking on the New Button at the top-left corner of the window.

This will open a dropdown menu where you can create a new folder. The folder will be placed in the file directory you are currently in. (i.e. if you are looking at your Drive, a new folder will be created in the Drive, but if you are looking in a folder in your drive, the new folder will be created inside the existing folder.

You can also create new text documents, spreadsheets, surveys and slideshows, upload existing files and folders from your computer, and access more advanced tools.

Folders can be created within other folders indefinitely. If you want to move files and folders in and out of folders, simply drag and drop the file or folder into the desired destination, or right click on the folder and click Move To to pick out a specific destination inside your Drive. You can select multiple files or folders by ctrl-clicking each item, but you cannot drag-and-select like you can on your computer file systems.

Also, you can rename your folders and files, and mark them as important or ‘Starred’, in the same dropdown menu you use to delete and move your files and folders.

Downloading Files from Drive:

When downloading a single file from your Drive, it will download just as any other file you download from the internet. However, if you download multiple files at a time, Drive will pack them together in a .ZIP file which will have to be extracted once fully downloaded. Details on how to handle .ZIP files will be covered in another article. This is displayed in a popup window at the bottom left of your screen, where you can rearrange downloads by priority or cancel unwanted downloads.

How Secure is Google Drive?

Documents in Drive are secured in Google’s servers, with the same security measures they use to protect emails, search history, cookies, and other data they collect. Your documents and files within Drive are at very low risk of being accessed by hackers or data breaches. As far as Google is concerned, however, they do have the right to access the data in your Drive at any given time, though only high level Google employees have the authorization to do this, and they only do so in rare and extreme circumstances. Google is very strict about respecting the privacy of their customers; without a valid court order or similarly extreme motivation they will not access your files or information.

How to Delete Files from Google Drive?

Deleting files from your Drive is as easy as two clicks. First, right click the file, document, or folder you wish to delete. This will open a dropdown menu with several options. At the bottom of this menu is the Remove option. Click this to delete the file.

You can recover any deleted files within 30 days from your Trash folder.

Can You Edit PDF Files in Google Drive?

Unfortunately, you can’t. You will need to use a third-party software to edit PDFs. There are many excellent free PDF editors which may soften the blow for users, however.

How To Sort By File Size in Google Drive?

You can sort by name, time since the file was last modified, time since the file was last modified by you, or time since the file was last opened by you. Surprisingly, file size sorting is not a feature that is currently supported by Google Drive.

How to Activate Dark Mode in Google Drive?

Unfortunately, this feature isn’t available. Dark Mode is not a feature offered by Google Drive. You will have to use third-party software or apps to use Drive in a darker color palate.


With this knowledge in hand, you should be able to use Drive to effectively perform everything you need it for, and you’ll be discovering all new ways to use the app in no time. If you have any other questions, or if one of these explanations doesn’t make sense to you, feel free to post your question on Sage’s open forum. One of our associates will respond as soon as possible.

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