Mailshake Beginners’ Guide: Level Up Your Marketing

Mailshake Beginners’ Guide: Level Up Your Marketing

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Cold email marketing campaigns are one of the most important aspects of your business. When it comes to finding new customers, cold emailing automation can mean the difference between 100 sales and 10,000 sales. Mailshake can make sure that your business reaches the people it needs to to succeed. It’s intuitive, quick, it makes sense. In this Mailshake beginners’ guide we’ll teach you how to get started so that you can grow your business!

Who should use Mailshake?

Before we begin, you have to decide in Mailshake is right for your business. We’ll go over a quick review of its pros and cons so you can make an educated decision as to whether or not to pay for this service.

The dashboard is easy to use and super intuitive!

Let’s start with the positives: Mailshake has a really clean and user-friendly interface, and is easy to scale up to whatever size your business is. It automatically compiles reports that offer a wealth of features so you can see opens, clicks, replies, and more. You can also quickly compare campaigns so you can see what strategies work and which don’t.

It has great quality-of-life features like automatically removing duplicates and automation support that lets you automate your outreach, follow-up, periodic newsletters, etc. Moreover, its library of high-quality templates and speedy customer service makes it super efficient to use. Lastly, the price is very affordable, which means that these features come at less cost to you.

That doesn’t mean Mailshake is perfect, however, as there are a few cons to keep in mind. Firstly, it doesn’t work with Google Sheets, only CSV files. This means that importing contacts isn’t as efficient as other competitors. Secondly, unsubscribe lists are less efficient than competitors like GMass’ Suppress Lists. These detriments may mean that there’s a more efficient solution if those two features are critical to your business. The biggest asterisk on Mailshake, however, is that it is PURELY an email campaign tool. You still need to produce the prospect list. You still need to find contact information, and you still need to present the data in a format that Mailshake can comprehend. 

I’m ready to start using Mailshake! What should I do?

The first step is to sign up for an account! Head to and input some information about you and your business and you can begin!

You need to enroll in a Mailshake pricing plan to get started, and there are two options: the eMail Outreach plan ($59/month) and the Sales Engagement plan ($99/month).

The key difference is that the Sales Engagement plan unlocks phone tools that enable advanced outreach, whereas the eMail Outreach plan solely focuses on email creation tools. 

Getting Registered:

After you finish creating your account, you’re taken to your dashboard. We’ll show you how to get started by creating your first email marketing campaign!


You should start by connecting your gmail account. This lets Mailshake start sending emails out! Then, click “Campaigns” from the sidebar to get started. Click the big “New Campaign” button to get taken to the content creation interface.

Create a Campaign:

In the Basic tab, you can assign your campaign a title, assign employees to the task, and connect a mail account to send your campaign from. 

Lead Catcher:

The Lead Catcher dropdown lets you control what happens when prospects become leads. This can be set to occur when the prospect opens, clicks, or replies to an email. 

Syncing APIs:

The Sync to Apps dropdown will allow you to connect other integrated software to Mailshake. This includes any major email provider like Gmail or Outlook, social media like Facebook and LinkedIn, etc. The possibilities are endless!


The next step in creating a killer email campaign is the Prospects tab. You can add prospects from a CSV file, manually enter them, import from the mobile app, or use a preexisting list that’s already been uploaded to another campaign. 

The Review Prospects tab will let you double-check your imported prospects list. 

Then, the “Sending Settings” tab allows you to control what happens when a prospect opens your email. 

Sequencing Emails:

The next tab over is Sequence. You can create your own email, or use one of Mailshake’s wonderful templates to get the look you want. Here, we’ve selected an email template, and with the text in place we’re ready to send.

Finally, confirming this campaign will let you begin!

It’s that easy to begin a campaign with Mailshake. We hope this guide has been helpful and we look forward to seeing your success with this awesome tool!

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