Sage SEO Academy

Sage SEO Academy Owly

I. Introduction to SEO

A. What is SEO and why is it important?

B. Overview of search engines and how they work

C. The role of SEO in digital marketing

II. Keyword Research

A. What is a keyword?

B. How to find the right keywords for your website

C. Tools for keyword research

D. Understanding search volume, competition, and intent

E. Best practices for keyword targeting

III. On-Page Optimization

A. Title tags, meta descriptions, and header tags

B. Content optimization

C. Image optimization

D. URL structure and internal linking

E. Mobile optimization

IV. Technical SEO

A. Site architecture and navigation

B. Site speed and performance

C. Crawling and indexing

D. XML sitemaps and robots.txt

E. Schema markup and structured data

V. Link Building

A. What is link building and why is it important?

B. Best practices for link building

C. Types of links and their impact on SEO

D. Tools for link building and monitoring

VI. Local SEO

A. Importance of local SEO

B. Local keyword research

C. Google My Business optimization

D. Citations and local directories

E. Reviews and reputation management

VII. Analytics and Reporting

A. Understanding web analytics

B. Key metrics for SEO

C. Tools for tracking and reporting

D. How to measure and report on ROI

VIII. Advanced SEO Topics

A. Voice search and the impact on SEO

B. International SEO

C. E-commerce SEO

D. Site migrations and SEO


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